Restocking it

So, I’ve told you guys about my past many times. Not that I have focused that much on my work in delivery services. I will change that now. I used to work with fulfillment for a company in Chicago a couple of years ago. It was fun. I really liked this part of my life so much more than I thought from the beginning.

When I did this, I had a lot of different tasks. My favorite one was when our team did restocking. Maybe it doesn’t sound that amazing, but I’ll explain to you why it was.

So, restocking happened all the time. It was just that our team didn’t do it every time. Since some of us complained quite a lot when restocking came up, we decided to make it into something fun. It almost became like a religion to us. We were 8 people that wrote down what we had to do every time it was time to do restocking. This it what the day looked like:

We always started the day with a breakfast at a local hotel. The breakfast was amazing and inspired by the Scandinavian food culture. My culture. We ate for 2 hours before going to work, very full. During the day, working with restocking, we made up games. One of us had to come up with one, related to the restocking work, every time. It could be really tricky challenges and stuff sometimes. Other times it was just stupid and we laughed for hours. I wish I could tell you about a specific game that we came up with, but I don’t remember any. That’s God’s honest truth.

The day past and we did other stuff during the breaks. It could be some kind of push-up challenge or something. Or something like: Who can eat the most sandwiches in 10 minutes? Things like that. The restocking day just flew by because we did so much else. Then when it was time to leave work in the evening, we always went to the same restaurant. Some of us had kids back then, so this was an excellent way of getting out for a bit. The dads and moms were the people who loved the restocking tradition the most. I’m pretty sure of that.

Do you have any of these traditions in your work? I’m curious to learn more about you guys!

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